About Us

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Welcome to Naturista, where living a natural life leads to living your best life.

Naturista literally grows your products on our certified organic farms in Costa Rica from the ground up, from the seeds we nurture, harvest, package and then ship directly to the shelf. Maintaining this close relationship with nature requires utilization of only the finest proprietary "superfoods" and medicinal plant products, known for nutrient-dense components that are especially beneficial to overall wellness and good health. We control every step of the supply chain and operate a fully certified organic processing and manufacturing facility, also recognized as a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) company.

Our products are

  • Certified organic, USDA and EU
  • Free of pesticides and chemicals
  • Grown in harmony with the environment
  • No animal testing
  • Socially responsible                          


Naturista farms are truly natural sanctuaries, living in harmony with the environment and implementing only organic farming methods. We never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This practice maximizes the farms’ own resources, in addition to protecting and reducing the exploitation of local soil and water sources.

Naturista chooses to only grow plants that adapt naturally to the terrain in which they live, developing them in an environment qualified as native. We do all of this to offer the highest quality natural products without harming the ecosystem. In addition, we are proud to maintain that our manufacturing facility is also certified organic and has successfully  attained the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) designation.